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Mountians and Lake

Jesus Is The Way

Christian, Husband, Father, Photographer, Apologist, Ham Radio Operator, Tech Ninja

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Welcome to Jesus Is The Way! I am a passionate photographer, dedicated apologist, experienced teacher, and a licensed Ham Radio Operator. Through my lens, my teachings, and my communication skills, I aim to spread the message of hope and love to the world. Click below to learn more about me.

Mission and Vision

Welcome to my website! Here, I aim to share my mission and vision with you. This is a space where you can explore my work, my beliefs, and my journey. Join me in this exploration as I share my experiences, thoughts, and insights. I invite you to be a part of this journey towards faith, knowledge, and creativity. Click below to delve deeper into my world.


Photography Showcase

Capturing Moments of Faith and Beauty

Apologetics Lectures

Teaching Engagements

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